Towcester Tennis Club
Greens Norton Rd, Towcester,
Northamptonshire, NN12 8AW

01327 350 141

Court Booking

We have 3 courts, as shown below:

You can book a court for a pay and play session if you are a non-member.

Find a free slot using the calendars below, sign up to our payment system at, use the pay and play subscription (10 per hour), and send your booking request via e-mail or using your calendar app as per below.

Contact our chairman if you have any issues.

Please use your calendar application to book a free slot, use the below calendars to see what events are happening on the courts, simply add the calendar address as an invitee. You may not receive a response - your booking should appear automatically on the public calendar. If the slot was free, you can rest assured that you will be able to play. If not, you should receive a response to say the booking was declined.
You can also just email the calendar addresses with a booking request if you do not use a calendar application.
Always include your full name and phone number on the booking request.


Court 1

Court 2

Court 3

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